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Our Offices

“You know where I really like going? The office. That place is GREAT."

No matter how much you love your job, at some point we’ve all slaved away in a beige hell of fake wooden filing cabinets and those weird metal blinds that are always broken. There’s a reason why The Office struck a chord.

But commercial space on your doorstep doesn’t have to be crap. Why can’t we enjoy where we work as much as the work itself?

In a past life, the first floor of 2-6 Atlantic Road was ‘that’ kind of office. So we gutted it with our bare hands – not joking, it was very cathartic – to build the kind of workspace we’d actually feel good about coming into every day.

Natural light, fresh air and decent furniture were our key focus – things we felt other offices tend to miss – along with fundamentals like super fast broadband, proper chairs with lumbar support, AV equipped meeting rooms and a giant boardroom table that even Alan Sugar would put his feet up on.

We didn’t want the Castle to feel too formal, so we’ve kept the layout as simple and spacious as possible so that everyone can spread out. The space is totally flexible, too, so you can create the set up that works best for you.

Our aim is pretty simple: we’re here to help you get stuff done. Whether you need an office for a one-off project, a long-term let or just a break from the tyranny of your kitchen table, we can make it work.

What's Available

Commercial space on your doorstep doesn’t have to be crap. Why can’t we enjoy where we work as much as the work itself?

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Dedicated Offices

Along with our central open plan banks of desks, we also have 8-10 and 14 person enclosed offices available if you’d prefer a door to close, or are some kind of spy. (We’d love that.) If you’re a smaller outfit – hopefully of spies – you could buddy up with another team – of spies, please be spies – and split the costs. Or if you’re a group of spy friends who fancy getting an office together just to get out of the disguises house, you could share a dedicated office flexibly too.


If you aren’t in the market for a dedicated office, we offer a plethora of hotdesking options. With generous amounts of space so you can work alone or side by side within our interesting and exciting community.